contemplating happiness~


Just a passing thought when I was sitting here on my windowsill, counting the stars~


They say that the rainbow will come after the rain.

But what am I to do when I am stuck with my rain for all eternity?

They say that the rainbow will come after the rain.

But what am I to do when my rain has ended, and my rainbow has yet to come?

They say that the rainbow will come after the rain.

But what am I to do when I get so confused that I cannot see whether it is raining or not?

They say that the rainbow will come after the rain.

But what am I to do when I want my rain to last forever, because if the rainbow comes, I would have to forget you and move on?

~can’t you guess?


To you, the person who changed my life.

Have you ever wondered what it is behind my decision to leave you?

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why I changed my mind?

How come i wanted to stay, then one second later I could not wait to leave?

Have you?

Well, here it is.

It’s you.

Because you made me lie. I never liked that.

Because you made me fight my heart. I was not me anymore.

Because you made me betray trusts. I lost every faith I had on myself.

Because I kept on trusting you, and you kept on disappointing me.

Because slowly, I started to resent you. And I never want to feel that way.

I want us to be just like we used to be.

So forgive me, ‘sorry’ is not enough anymore.

I’m leaving.


written when she was supposed to do her exam 😛

Railroad ~ part I


He sat on his seat, looking absentmindedly outside the window; to the greenery of countryside flowing past his distant gaze. The railroad seemed to have no end. With each hill, each cloud he passed, the journey appeared to drag on longer and longer.

Just like before.

His thoughts flew to recollect a memory. A timeworn memory. A journey with the same old red train, the same new destination. But another time. Another purpose. Another him.

He sighed, already losing himself in the memory. It was effortless to do so, for the two journeys were similar. Then he sat back and watched as it played right in front of his very eyes.

randomthingies~ kacamata


Zulfiqar Azmi Adhikari – Ari

Aurelia Sadira Putri – Rei

Setting : Rumah nenek Ari, sore hari, di teras belakang rumah, Ari lagi baca buku di sofa, Rei di sebelahnya lagi meluk boneka beruang.

[bosen ngga ada kerjaan] “Ri?”

“Hmm..” [kurang atentif, lagi terlalu larut dalam buku]


“Apa sih, Reeeiii?”

“Rei mau nanya dong…”

“Nanya apa?”

“Rei baru nyadar, kok Ari pake kacamata sih? Perasaan waktu cek mata kaiaknya mata Ari normal-normal aja.”

“Kan biar keren.”

“Iiiii, Ariiii!”


“Yang serius dong!”





“Apa lagi sih?”

“Seriusan nih, kenapa sih pake kacamata??”

“Iyaaaaa, kan biar kereeeennn.”



“Itu serius?”

“Iya. Kan biar keliatan pinter sama berwibawa gitu.”


101 for Raelin – Prologue


—Raelin’s POV—

I am running.

I am running from everything that could be called my life. My home. My family. My so-called friends. My throne. My responsibilities. I even left my planet. All for one person. My fiancée. It sounds so romantic, right? Except, not really. It is more for my sanity, actually. Because from the moment I walked out from my father’s study, seething with anger, the good, obedient (not counting the playboy part) Raelin was gone. Instead, the selfish Raelin took over. And he wanted one thing that a prince should not want. The thing that I, as someone with royal blood flew through his veins, would never have.


Many people would say that I am free enough to do things I love. To learn what I want to learn. But the truth whispered a different story. Everything in my life was already set and planned from the time I was born. Well, maybe not when I was crushing on Attis, my fiancée’s MALE knight. Don’t get me wrong. I was straight, still am, but he was dressed up like a girl, and from the point of my twelve-years-old-innocent-brain view, really cute. We made a compromise afterwards, of course. He would forget the *ehm* proposal incident, for the sake of my reputation, and he got something to blackmail me with. And that, is exactly the reason why I am on this journey to find my fiancée instead of having a vacation in somewhere exotic-like Astarte II-. Blackmailed. By my best friend whom I suspect has had a crush on my fiancée since years ago and couldn’t act on it because: one, he is her knight, and two, she has been missing for the past seven years.

My life is too complicated for my own good.

So what if I am a drama prince?!